2 Megabit (128 K x 16-Bit) CMOS EPROM
■ Fast access time
— Speed options as fast as 55 ns
■ Low power consumption
— 100 μA maximum CMOS standby current
■ JEDEC-approved pinout
— Plug-in upgrade of 1 Mbit EPROM
— 40-pin DIP/PDIP
— 44-pin PLCC
■ Single +5 V power supply
■ ±10% power supply tolerance standard
■ 100% Flashrite programming
— Typical programming time of 16 seconds
■ Latch-up protected to 100 mA from –1 V to
VCC + 1 V
■ Versatile features for simple interfacing
— Both CMOS and TTL input/output compatibility
— Two line control functions
■ High noise immunity
The Am27C2048 is a 2 Mbit, ultraviolet erasable programmable
read-only memory. It is organized as 128 K
words, operates from a single +5 V supply, has a static
standby mode, and features fast single address location
programming. The Am27C2048 is ideal for use in
16-bit microprocessor systems. The device is available
in windowed ceramic DIP packages, and plastic one
time programmable (OTP) PDIP and PLCC packages.
Data can be typically accessed in less than 55 ns, allowing
high-performance microprocessors to operate
without any WAIT states. The device offers separate
Output Enable (OE#) and Chip Enable (CE#) controls,
thus eliminating bus contention in a multiple bus microprocessor
AMD’s CMOS process technology provides high
speed, low power, and high noise immunity. Typical
power consumption is only 125 mW in active mode,
and 100 μW in standby mode.
All signals are TTL levels, including programming signals.
Bit locations may be programmed singly, in
blocks, or at random. The device supports AMD’s
Flashrite programming algorithm (100 μs pulses), resulting
in a typical programming time of 16 seconds.